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tell me about it

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, May 04 2020 at 01:53:49AM
In reply to Oh to be the good ex posted by girls_are_kittens on Sunday, May 03 2020 at 7:12:54PM

How things turn out later, we can never know for sure. For all the other influences and wayward directions things can often go as they age, there a Selflessness sometimes shared and then mirrored. I don't know it, but I sincerely aim for it.

There are plenty of girls and former girls out there who continue to know the truth later and express it back to us in sometimes subtle but unmistakable ways long after things have cooled off, so to speak.

It is critical to remember that their positive recollections really aren't even permitted a voice anywhere at all in society or social media, which only makes it all the more special to realize you still have such a girl (eventually a woman) in your life. She trusts her own experience above the demanded definitions by others. THAT is something super special if and when you experience it.

I've had both ends of the spectrum in my life. You eventually come to realize it sometimes has nothing at all to do with you. The more pre-existant problems they have, the greater the risk to you later, even though we are often haplessly drawn to girls we feel are desperately needing our help and presence in their life. It's who we are, but it can also be our weakness. What's it really worth to you if you are likely to become a disposable scapegoat later? So many have never even considered that, and have sometimes paid dearly. Others would be a liar to claim they didn't know the risk they were taking, but dove in anyway, either due to naivety or something more noble.

Be loving, but be careful and wise as well. Stomp your rose-colored glasses into the dirt if you've been wearing them.


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