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Oh to be the good ex

Posted by girls_are_kittens on Sunday, May 03 2020 at 7:12:54PM

My young ex still turns to me for help. She's not that young, plenty above my AoA, but she is still young enough that the morality police (and actual police in some other parts of the world) would condemn me, regardless of how legal she might be. Not too long ago she went through some hardship with her family and once again I came to rescue her from the situation. I know this isn't really pedophilia related, but she's likely to be the only girl I'll ever truly be with that is even remotely close to my AoA and it means a lot to me that even though we broke up, she and I can still be so close. She still knows that she can rely on me to be there for her, and I know she'll be there to support me in whatever way she can. The young people in our lives really do make them so much better. The bonds created by a truly loving relationship (be it romantic or amicable) with someone so young really are something unlike any other bonds I've ever formed. Maybe I'll get lucky and the next girl will be within my AoA, but if not, I at least have experienced a beautiful (if tainted with pain) relationship with a girl younger than a guy my age would have ever expected to have a chance with.

Go love your girls in whatever way you can. Even when they're old 18+ year old women (lookin' at former "11yo" who's now older than I was when I met her), their bonds will be so uniquely special.

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