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no idea.

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, April 28 2020 at 05:19:31AM
In reply to I did not know you had a lawn. posted by starlet_Luver on Monday, April 27 2020 at 8:38:58PM

I have not seen where DR, despite his highly self-promoting looking presentations, is to not be trusted, and I've also been privately told by a third party that sL either "admires" or wants me to post there. He's known of me long enough to have spoken to me directly, but this has not been the case, and so I suspect something was dishonest.

What I've been seeing simply points to an honest guy taking more risks than most of us, with a slight penchant for semi-shameless self-promotion. I don't like self-promotion, but if somebody's being honest about themselves, then so what? To each his own. We all forge our own paths.

I'm STILL waiting to see what evil he's done, besides apparently pissing off some people at the other place. Will somebody finally spit it out here at GC? What's the ultimate taboo he's committed? Is this about actual girl love values or just matters of personal pride?

I make this post because I honestly don't know why the hostility exists, and I can usually spot the reason fairly quickly.

So maybe this guy was also "Dylan Thomas"...


No instinctual hatred buttons pushed here, despite remembering that nic.

I still don't gettit.


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