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jesus christ

Posted by j_k on Tuesday, April 28 2020 at 11:13:14AM
In reply to Nothing shadowy about it posted by DanielRumanos on Tuesday, April 28 2020 at 09:31:53AM

Power struggles on an anonymous pedophile message board.
Forget the tinfoil hat... this is just pathetic. I find it hard to believe anyone cares about this.
Would this not be beneath the notice of a RED BLOODED TESTOSTERONE PUMPING REAL MAN such as you project yourself to be?
Or is that just a facade? (Magic 8-ball say: Signs point to yes!)

If s_l put his boot so far up your ass he gave you PTSD, please do as the moderators say and stop telling us about it, go get professional help instead.
No one cares about this dumb feud, and bringing it up every chance you get just makes you look like a bitch made whiner!

Again I ask, why the fuck does this matter that much to you?
If you really want to help and inspire people, just do your goddamn thing!
...As far as that goes, I question if anyone is helped by you spamming your blog constantly, and making up news releases and gossip to puff yourself up.
(Yes we noticed lol, how dumb do you think we are)

Not to mention giving Gimwinkle the "don't talk to me ever again" act, that was hilarious, Gim is about as fluffy a teddy bear as you will ever find here...
If you find yourself besieged by assholes on every side, you know how the saying goes!


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