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Your argument makes no sense

Posted by DanielRumanos on Thursday, April 16 2020 at 06:46:26AM
In reply to Re:Real world examples of culture abusing children posted by xcolt on Wednesday, April 15 2020 at 9:39:00PM

As opposed to now, when the most highly-prized prostitutes are the "underage" ones, in large part because, well, since it's illegal anyway... ?

I personally dislike the idea of prostitution, and never indulge in it. If I wanted to do so, however, I could find a child prostitute on the streets of Baltimore (or any other large American city) within minutes. That's supply in demand.

Legalizing loving, caring, consensual relationships between adults and minors does not equal legalizing child prostitution. In fact, it would vastly lesson the supposed need for it, and would free the police to focus on actual exploitation, abuse, and related crimes.

If sex is outlawed, only outlaws will have sex.

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