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Consider yourself lucky

Posted by Neutrino on Tuesday, April 07 2020 at 9:25:51PM
In reply to Why am I not married yet? posted by LGsouL on Sunday, April 05 2020 at 11:43:54AM

I miss the old days when no one would bat an eye about me not being married. I was in my 20s and living it up! Now I’m in my 30s and the marriage harassment is in full throttle mode.

Who is harassing you? What are their motives?

Marriage is a dead institution. If you are male and living in a western or English speaking country, you'd have to be an idiot to even consider marriage. Sure, your mother and older women expect you to get married, then get divorced, then work 3 jobs and sleep in your car to pay for your ex's house so she can fuck whoever she wants and tell your kids what an asshole you are. This is the norm. Family courts are run by radical feminists, and men have no rights. None.

barbar and stardusk made some important youtube videos 6+ years ago with info that every young man must understand.

Either way I much prefer cuddle sessions with a LGF. Though sadly those are being looked upon more oddly by others. Since I am in my 30s and single. It doesn’t get easier heh

This was a golden age for me. No one looked at me oddly because my lgf's mom was my age. Strangers assumed I was her dad when it was just the two of us.


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