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Why am I not married yet?

Posted by LGsouL on Sunday, April 05 2020 at 11:43:54AM

I miss the old days when no one would bat an eye about me not being married. I was in my 20s and living it up! Now I’m in my 30s and the marriage harassment is in full throttle mode.

Ironically I still love party culture. Which provides a decent front that I’m just “immature”. Besides, as I get older those in their late teens/early 20s do become more attractive to me I suppose.

Either way I much prefer cuddle sessions with a LGF. Though sadly those are being looked upon more oddly by others. Since I am in my 30s and single. It doesn’t get easier heh

I wonder if I will get married. Dating a younger girl is nice but most view that as more of a fling because of the age gap though legal.

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