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Back temporarily due to COVID-19.

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Sunday, March 29 2020 at 02:14:58AM

I am sort of back, on and off. This will surely be a temporary thing. But I think, for once, I do have some interesting things to say this time around.

I am a bit bored and feeling strange due to Covid-19. Something is clearly up in the world, and I need like-minded people to talk to. I didn't expect to return, at least not this soon. But recent international events have truly sparked my imagination.

I don't believe in coincidence anymore. COVID-19 is no coincidence, either. Even the number "19" is interesting to me, from what I know about it in how it relates to certain religions. But world events are clearly rigged by someone... or something. I still can't bring myself to believe that a magical creature used magic to create the universe... but still. Who knows. I really do believe we're in some kind of simulation (thanks, Baldy!). I have no doubt that COVID-19 is, in some way, a type of conspiracy. There are so many conspiracies to destroy humanity and turn us against each other. Maybe pedophiles will no longer be feared, but now there will be a 'witch hunt' against "contaminated persons"? Who knows... what I am certain of is that feminism and anti-pedophilia themselves are conspiracies against humanity.

"Tremble you weaklings, cower in fear, I am your ruler, land, sea, air. Immense in my girth, erect I stand tall, I am a nuclear murderer... I am Polaris." - Dave Mustaine

"Do you love your guns?! Yeah! Gawd?! Yeah! The government!? FUCK YEAH!" - Brian Hugh Warner

Then again, I did start vaping on nicotine again today. Hehehehehe.

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