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Sugar and spice and everything nice.

Posted by Gimwinkle on Sunday, March 29 2020 at 07:54:01AM
In reply to Satan... posted by Eeyore on Sunday, March 29 2020 at 06:48:57AM

I stand firmly behind all rights the gubment sees fit to gimme. Those rights that I need, I take anyway. Just with an eye open for that gubment.

The trick to keeping the greedy-greedies away is to not look tasty enough for them to check me out. I'm poor. I look it, too. But...

An unhappy rich man isn't as rich as a happy poor man. I'm happy and so poor that I'm rich. (Ha! A paradox, eh?) I have everything I want (except one very desirable one... but that's my choice.)

Because of what I learned on my extended vacation, my "sudden stop", I currently am not armed with a fire arm. Notice that I did NOT say that I was was not armed. For the past umpteen years, I've never been without some sort of lethal weaponry. And, should I need (which I don't), I can escalate my lethality to absurdity although it might take me some time. I just have no need for any weaponry. I'm poor.

875 yards. Give me a good hunting rifle, say a Mossberg .308, and a bit of time to sight a scope in, and I can hit a bad guy that far away. Consistently. (Jarheads... the U.S. Marine Corp... says it's effective an even 1,000 yards. Maybe.)

But why? No need.

But, I can.

Then, there's more creative ways to go feral. "Chemicals, chemicals, buddy!" (I forget who that quote is from.) "You are worth about $3 worth in chemicals." (Carl Sagan.) Imagine what dihydrogen monoxide can do if separated into its component chemicals! Or... uh, let me stop here. The A. Cookbook, this is not.

Society won't crash into the Stone Age. Human Beans are too smart for that. Yeah, there's going to be some rough spots, but we all still have bread and butter in our electric fridges, eh?

Little girls with firearms? Well, yeah, I guess. But:

I had fallen in love with Jessica Dubroff. I had followed some of Her flights. I was too busy to catch Her news until a day later. Just like Her father, I wasn't thinking about things fucking up. Her PIC and the media killed Her. I'm currently choking up as I tell you that She was only 7 years old. "Do you hear the rain? Do you hear the rain?"


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