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Dear poster I'm replying to,

Posted by Hajduk on Wednesday, March 25 2020 at 11:13:48PM
In reply to Dear GC posted by sadlife on Wednesday, March 25 2020 at 06:38:46AM

Don't apologize for what you feel.

Apologize maybe for what you do, but even then not everything deserves an apology.

I won't pretend to know what the conflict was, so you have to use your common sense and moral compass.

It's just as impossible to be friends with everyone on the interwebs as it is in the meatspace. People like you or dislike you for good and bad reasons alike, predictable or not alike.

All of my life I've been at the same time a loner and someone interested in friends, in an intricately woven design.

I'm not as old as you, but I've still come to the point when I don't care anymore if someone doesn't like me. My favorite part of socnets has come to be the block button.

I want to leave GC because as I said a few weeks or months ago, I don't feel identified with our current population of posters, unlike some years ago. But in the end sometimes I still need to share thoughts, opinions, events and feelings which can only be shared here. I have the option of what I read or not, of what I reply to or not. I can even click on a post and not read it to the end; cheaper than leaving the theater upon a bad movie. So, no, I don't see it likely that I will ever leave. But I'm certainly reading and writing a lot less than I used to, and maybe I'll never be at that pace again.

Everyone is different, so if this doesn't fit you, well, no hard feelings from me.

Whatever you decide, be well and God bless you!

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