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Dear GC

Posted by sadlife on Wednesday, March 25 2020 at 06:38:46AM

I apologize for my nic

I can’t stand being thought of as “100% dead weight” by even 1 of you.

I don’t think it’s possible for a pedophile to have a friend, not even an anonymous one in a girl love internet community.

I don’t even know what happened. I know I pissed jd40 off (as Wink), I misunderstood Hieronymous and screwed something up there, and it seems clear some people don’t like me.

Yes, poor baby is hurt. Waaaa. But it’s real. And cuts to my core. I can’t imagine a more loathsome thing to be than 100% dead weight.

It appears I have stayed here a day too long. I wish no one ill will.

Good bye.


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