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Re: Do 8yo girls know what they're doing?

Posted by Goethe on Sunday, August 17 2008 at 5:29:39PM
In reply to Do 8yo girls know what they're doing? posted by azure on Sunday, August 17 2008 at 3:38:40PM

"I know I didn't find girls attractive until I was about 12, so how could an 8yo girl find me attractive."

Gee that IS late to be interested in girls. I have seen PRE-schoolers getting aroused with each other and I can remember myself cracking fats the very first year I was in primary school as a 5 yo seeing pretty LGs in their little dresses revealing their sexy arms and legs. So certainly an 8 yo shouldn't be underestimated!

"Then things started to get strange... I was talking to her Dad one time and she just started sucking my arm!"

Maybe this could be looked at as nothing much from a 2 or 3 year old...but an EIGHT year old?! C'mon, something's really going on here. Don't underestimate your 8 yo friend, she may very be interested in you sexually. It certainly sounds like it by all the different hints shes been giving you. I do feel sorry for you though because I know what it's like to go through that. They will sometimes seduce and seduce and seduce you unrelentingly and they will throw out as many hints as they think they need to make their point. I do know how hard it can be but you MUST remember to practice restraint in such situations if you don't want to risk any legal repercussions.

I remember there was a 7 yo girl who was the daughter of my parent's friends. They'd come around to visit and she'd sleep in the spare bedroom later on while her parents were still up with mine. One warm night she came into my room and asked me to "scratch under there". Her pretext was that it was "itchy" rather than her feeling horny. I was 12 but didn't want to go along with it as I was terrified I might have been found out and then be labeled a "child molester" and suffer all kinds of punitive actions. She was so unbelievably FORCEFUL and wouldn't take no for an answer, so I lead her back to her room and told her to just go to sleep. I'd go back to my own bed and then she'd come in AGAIN. This went on about 4 or 5 times throughout the night. Her pretext that is was "itchy" was obviously BS as she could have easily done it herself. One time she came into my room with her nighty pulled right up and playing with herself right in front of my face. (I was lying down and she was standing right there by my bed side). I told her time again that I "can't" do that, then she'd ask "BUT WHY!!??" She was practically 'sexually harassing' me by this stage with all her persistence. LOL. In the end I was practically arguing with her over it and her voice had become raised with frustration by this time and I could really see it in her face too!. Her parents ended up hearing all the fuss and came up the passage way to see what was going on. They realised that she was hassling me and demanded she get to bed, and then the mother apologized to me for her being a "bother". The girl didn't say a word to them what it was all over, and naturally neither did I. She finally obeyed them and then went back into her own bed without bothering me again. lol.


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