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'For the best'

Posted by tyciol on Thursday, June 14 2007 at 00:55:43AM
In reply to I am grieving.. posted by Spike on Wednesday, June 13 2007 at 06:01:09AM

It really gets me there, because guys like this, who isolate themselves and even kill themselves out of fear of what they'll do are probably the least likely to actually do anything harmful, or even something illegal (which isn't as bad).

The bad case of pedophiles you want dead are the ones who have sex with a kid and then kill them to shut them up. They're not the ones committing suicide, or at least, not before they're backed into a corner. This guy obviously wasn't.

It astounds me how they can say that, and still think it would be bad for a dad who beats his kids to commit suicide because they'll lack a provider.

Cases of suicide like this, where people are brainwashed by society into hating themself unreasonably, are some of the worst. It's not even accidental, like unnoticed depression and heartbreak, but almost like intentional warfare. You can tell it's this way when people are actually encouraged to kill themselves.

If someone is willing to give their own life to protect children as this guy is, they're the guys you want to stick around if you care about kids. I just wished he'd realized the contradictory logic of all before pulling the trigger. If you have the willpower to commit suicide, you have the willpower to control your sexual interactions.

It's disgusting how they'd interview the family like that afterwards. Like admitting to being a pedophile automatically means you are one. It's obviously that because of the circumstances, he actually did nothing at all.


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