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It would be nice if some friendlies called in

Posted by Student on Friday, June 08 2007 at 02:11:45AM
In reply to I'll be on Rick Roberts' radio show Friday posted by Jack McClellan on Thursday, June 07 2007 at 9:36:49PM

Jack lists the 800 telephone number as 1-800-760-KFMB. Anyone calling this number, be aware, that there is no such thing as an anonymous toll-free call. The radio station is paying for the call, so the telephone company provides every calling number, date/time, and length of call to the radio station to justify the charges. (Caller ID is a totally separate system and blocking Caller ID has no effect on toll-free numbers.) If staying anonymous is important to you, don't call from your own phone.

I hope you have some plan, Jack, otherwise he will likely eat you for lunch.

Right from the start, try to focus on the bigotry/discrimination/thought-crime angle. It's going to be hard to get that in, so the sooner you start trying, the better. As you said before, enjoying the presence of LGs at these events isn't sexual for you. I believe the expression you used was, "it's a natural high, just being around them."

He's going to try to focus on the idea that 'you and people like you want to have sex with the little kiddies.' Avoid that. When he goes there, the audience stops thinking and starts blindly hating. Please try to spend some time on the discrimination/bigotry/thought-crime angle.

When confronted with, "do you think it is ok/should be legal to have sex with a x-year-old" you can dodge the missile with, "well, I can't put words into anybody else's mouth. For me, it's not sexual. I just enjoy being around LGs. Lot's of pedophiles are like me and just enjoy being around kids very much. I don't see why that should be a crime. Actually, that isn't a crime, but lots of people are trying to make it a crime. They are trying to make a legalized witch-hunt of anybody that values being around kids."

If he goes on again, 'but do you think sex should be legal...' you can say it's really not something you want to do (if I understand your attitude correctly, Jack) but you think it should be legal for people to think what they want to think and there should be legal protections from discrimination and persecution based solely on their god-given sexual orientation.

There are supposed to be legal protections against discrimination and persecution based on your sexual orientation! And pedophilia is just that - an orientation.

Just like we have legal protections in place for just having the homosexual orientation, there should be legal protections for just having the pedophilia orientation. Does Rick think gays are more likely to "act out" than straights? Peds have as much self-control as anybody else. To say otherwise is just propaganda to feed the persecution.

I hope you can use something I said. Please try to squeeze in something about discrimination/thought-crime. And post a link to the mp3 so we can all listen to it.

Good Luck, Jack!



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