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You're asking for trouble jack.

Posted by Infinity on Friday, June 08 2007 at 0:15:47PM
In reply to I'll be on Rick Roberts' radio show Friday posted by Jack McClellan on Thursday, June 07 2007 at 9:36:49PM

First, if you think he's gonna let you really get in your words in a fair and unbiased manner, think again. You know what he did to kevin and his family, right?

Here's what Rick is gonna do: He is going to goad you and bait you until you tell him the public places that you be checking out little girls. Then, when he is done with you, he is going to implore his listeners to come after you...for a bounty of course. Probably around $1000, like he's done before.

Of yes, he will remind them to be careful not to harm you...but he's gonna have his people looking for you...and undoubtedly offer an additional reward if they can find "evidence" that you've broken the law and molested kids...or that you're taking pics of them. He's going to try to get you arrrested, as he did with Kevin.

I guarantee you Jack that nothing but bad comes out of this. Keep in mind you are representing this entire community now, like it or you behave will affect how this and other CL boards are looked out...not to mention the companies that host them. Please consider this during your "interview" with that moron.

Watch yourself Jack...he's gonna send people to find you out at those public events...



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