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Re: Todd?

Posted by breedr on Saturday, September 09 2006 at 0:24:16PM
In reply to Todd Nickerson posted by Eeyore on Friday, September 08 2006 at 3:14:00PM

I don't want to alienate Todd because of his views or because he changes his views. (As long as there are no threats involved.) We need everyone to work together with similiar ideology. If he has blue spots on his skin doesn't matter, he is obviously here for a reason and perhaps even needs a place to vent.

I know he said he was goin away for a week, and cannot defend himself right now. That said, I for one would like to hear Todd's point of view as a MAA, without hostility. When Todd has posted since his change of heart it has always been with a somewhat angry tone, and thereby hard to hear/understand. So perhaps Todd you could explain yourself?

I do however have a concern from what i have followed on his way of handling other peoples money.

I was there in chat when Todd talked about his new monitor. I wish I could find the most current fancy monitor out of a garbage. Oh wait a minute here, he had a pile of money kicking around. Seems strange i admit asking us in chat for advice on it, though.

Another post that seems to be overlooked, shows his disregard for other peoples money.
Isn't cash a problem for Americans, since you have to change it it into Canadian currency? I know I had a helluva time trying to get aR's donation for the StC changed and in the end I gave up. Since it was less than $100, I couldn't even get it sent off to a place where I COULD get it exchanged, as it would've cost me more than what the actual donation was to do so.

So Todd, please, explain yourself.


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