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How would one 'donate' anonymously, and...

Posted by porcelain on Saturday, August 05 2006 at 03:49:20AM
In reply to Apology to Donors of Alice Day Charity Campaign posted by lindsay on Friday, August 04 2006 at 5:21:15PM

the be assured that the donation goes to the intended 'place'.

I've thought about donating something, however, I am absolutely paranoid about leaving a paper trail anywhere, especially 'credit cards', given how many people have been assaulted because they submitted a credit card for access.

Are there ways to get donations that do not involve: Postal Services, especially the US Postal service, traceable bank transfers, included credit cards, etc.

I once read about using calling cards one can purchase most anywhere, however, if push came to shove, a calling card does have an identifiable amount of information that at least would place a user 'somewhere' in the world, thus, for the paranoid, is to close for comfort.

Why would I worry about a cash donation via the US postal service... well most letters these days are given a tracking number very close to the mail box the letter is taken from, hence, a route, especially in less populated areas, would allow the all pervasive government to narrow a search down considerably.

Am I paranoid, you fucking bet. Some may pass it off as delusional, however, there are too many reports like the one that Taf-Kat posted, were someone has their house raided, because they just may 'know' someone who is suspect.

The news recently has had a number of revelations about how the government, using complient organzations, banking, communications providers, etc. where millions of transactions have been monitored in some way. Perhaps via automatic pattern recognition methods, but just the same, some pattern matches, you are survailed more closely.

But then once the truely anonymous donation has been sent off, how, really does one 'know' that the donation ever really reached the destination, other than say, for GC, when someone posts who has donated recently.

Even in big time organizations, there have been cases of fraud, misuse of funds, etc. and that is with yearly auditors checking the books.

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