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Re: Uhm... d?

Posted by Love2uall on Tuesday, May 16 2006 at 11:43:04PM
In reply to Uhm... d? posted by Silver Wolfe on Wednesday, May 17 2006 at 00:30:05AM

"It seems to me that she's fighting for her right to love, and in today's society, the only way she can do it (and I think she knows this) is to deny it across the board."

Might not be the only way...
Read my blog if you haven't already,
By not responding to her given name she has the absolute, fundamental and important right as a girl of flesh and blood not to be part of, nor answer anything coming from the government, even a high court judge;

Also you can read the following document:
(Check for the download button on the bottom of the page, which will lead you to the next page where the real download link is... You know, free file servers... ;)

You might learn from that document that once one has answered to its given name ("first" and "last" name) to the judge LAWS DON'T MATTER ANYMORE!!

However I admit that since the government doesn't want the people to "wake up" on this, there can be a lot of legal "skating" around being done, not to say legal masturbation hehe...

It could be good though that this would be fought legally also...
Not giving legal advice, just information.
Take care,


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