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Uhm... d?

Posted by Silver Wolfe on Wednesday, May 17 2006 at 00:30:05AM
In reply to How many times have witnesses been held/contempt? posted by d on Wednesday, May 17 2006 at 00:10:18AM

a Jan. 20 incident in which the boyfriend of the girl's mother allegedly saw the two on a couch.

... you posted the details of the case already. That's where the allegations came from. That's all they needed to start the machine; someone said they saw them together somewhere. Seems to me the girl has denied any 'wrongdoing' from the getgo on this.

I would grant that it's possible that something DID in fact occur. I would also contend that it was consensual and mutual, and the girl is simply standing up for her rights as a person (even though we all know she has none, obviously) and knows that her (probable) boyfriend is being unjustly accused of 'harming' her. She knows better and is refusing to allow any more tomfoolery on the part of the state persecutor's office.

She is being highly willful and intelligent in her stand against the stupidity of accusations. I sincerely doubt she's being manipulated by her (probable) boyfriend. She's just educated about her rights, while the legal system is trying every trick in the book to coerce a damning statement from her. For the love of animal crackers, man... Number 3) of your assumptions would be the correct choice (although the witness may not be exactly lying). It seems to me that she's fighting for her right to love, and in today's society, the only way she can do it (and I think she knows this) is to deny it across the board. I hope she wins WHETHER OR NOT THERE WAS CONTACT! SHE WAS NOT A VICTIM AND SHE'S REFUSING TO LET THEM make HER ONE!


Peace, Love and NO MORE FALSE VICTIMS!!!

^Silver Wolfe~~

Silver Wolfe

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