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Here is your reward: character huáng

Posted by griffith on Tuesday, July 02 2024 at 6:44:51PM
In reply to Thanks, I will find it somewhere... posted by griffith on Tuesday, July 02 2024 at 5:33:42PM

Huáng – unknown meaning (172 strokes)

"Huáng, with its incredible 172 strokes, is generally regarded as Chinese writing’s most fiendishly difficult character. The character however is shrouded in mystery, as scholars have tried to determine both its source and meaning. Some believe it is just a made-up or nonsense word. Others argue that it isn’t a character at all, but an ancient Daoist magic symbol used to ward off evil, cast spells or heal. These ancient Daoist practitioners used to invent complex talismans made up numerous characters (think ‘abracadabra’ but on a much grander scale)."

"Which characters comprise huáng and how many are there? Well this step-by-step instruction for writing the character will give you an idea: start off with the rain character (雨) at the top, then under it three fields (田), then under them five earths (土). This makes up the top row. On the second row, on the left and right sides are the characters for return (回) and cloud (云). Between them are two fly and earth characters (飞, 土) on the right side, a phoenix (鳳), and a dragon (龍), and to their left another couple of earth characters. Under it, on the third row, add the wind (風), deer (鹿), wind, and under them earth with two deers inside, all bookended by two mountains (山). Finally all of them are placed on the walking radical (辶). Not that hard, is it!"

No, very easy. :p And the best thing is that it doesn't mean anything sensible!


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