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Indeed. I hope the US doesn't "Kaspersky" Nastya:(

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, June 22 2024 at 6:15:33PM
In reply to She sounds Russian posted by hierophant on Tuesday, June 18 2024 at 5:50:41PM

You never know what crazy inclusions their next round of sanctions will bring. Making a little girl cry is not something I'd put past them at this point.

As I stray off-topic:

Speaking of Kaspersky, I take back my old post about not trusting them as an antivirus anymore. They just earned some major status points from anyone worried about western antivirus companies working with state-level agencies to purposely not detect their spyware. Other than a few past bloat complaints, they always served me well, sometimes detecting things nothing else was able to detect. I'm sorry for straying, Kasper:*/

Get it while you still can!


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