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Princess Charlotte Makes An Appearance! Whew...!

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, June 16 2024 at 03:43:48AM

I had heard somewhere that it had been many months since she was even seen, and that her mum had some sort of health issue besides. Meh, whatever that was. ANYWHO... back to Charlotte..

She was wearing such a classic girly outfit, and, THIS time, she seemed to spare her elder brother proper instruction and instead whispered something to a dancing younger brother.

(Personally? I think she needs to keep working on the older brother who would be king, and just let younger brother go his own way, but that's just me. Even if she just teaches him not to spill things on his pants. Charlotte? You got this.)

She's getting so tall tho:*(

I know what else comes soon after sprouting tall:*/ Noooo!:(

I'm glad some UK photographer let me finally see what her feet look like. She has super cute little toes, and as a girl lover who's final judgment is always cute little feet, she totally passes that test.

Keep your big bro on the straight and narrow, wonderful princess! Crack that whip when necessary.

This is where I insert the pedobear birthday cake meme: "Stop Getting Older, Please."

For real tho, the Scandi girls got older, the Spanish blonds got older, those Spencer South African girls from long ago...


I still love them all. Truly.

I just prefer the reals to the Dizneys.


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