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*sigh* came here to vent, I guess

Posted by lemondolphin on Sunday, May 12 2024 at 4:56:20PM

Some have claimed that Lolita is a political allegory. However, I always read it literally, and I preferred that interpretation. But now...I think I am seeing the point of those who say its a political allegory.
Although not written about the Middle East (according to the political interpretation), I can see Palestine as Delores (Our Lady Of Sorrows, or The Sorrowful One, or just "Many Sorrows'), and Humbert as Israel. Humbert can't even bring himself to say her name. It's always "Gaza", or "West Bank", or "unsettled areas"...because in his feverish delusions, 'Lolita' belongs to him alone. She is a creation of his own ingenuity, his own genius and superiority. She does not exist outside of him. He is filled with flowery prose, seducing the onlooker. He excuses himself of all fault - blaming his abuse of Delores onto her; he claims that she provoked him.
Little Delores is raped, Israel rapes Delores over and over and over again. She suffers indignity after violation. And perhaps the truly tragic thing is that so many people are around her, yet NOBODY helps her. Over and over and over again - she is raped. And over and over and over again - others stand idly by while it happens.
Sometimes, when you have to say something and it's too legally risky to say it, you have to write an allegory.
Israel is filled with so much projection, victim blaming, emotionally manipulative tactics, it is hard to believe that they are so lacking in self-awareness that they can't see what everyone else sees in them. That self-pitying, narcissistic, projecting temper tantrum that the Israeli Toddler Ambassador to the U.N. gave, was like a play by play acting out, in real time, of a handbook of every manipulation tactics used by domestic abusers.
But what Humbert hasn't bet on, that appears to be coming to pass, is that people have caught on to his abuse of Delores, and we are having none of it. That didn't quite happen in the book, but Israel should know that in the end, Delores is FREE.

Free she will be. And she had to wait far too long for us to notice her sorrow and do something.

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