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Liked Bill Maher's recent rant about child celebs.

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, April 21 2024 at 05:06:14AM

Although I think of motivating profit margins, people self-inclined toward bullying for sexual favors, and parents looking for payouts above protectibg their kids are likely 90% of the problem....

He mostly still got it right.

But so did Alyson Stoner.

It was years ago that I was ranting here about dark psychological cop-dramas on network tv. As they painted ALL child-attracted people as unrepentant rapists, they were simultaneously subjecting star-struck little girls to "fictional" scenarios vwhere they had to imagine the realities of being raped by adult men, and to make it look good for the cameras. This was for the sake of painting men who like girls as forcible rape villains.

This was horrible enough, to make 6-year-olds try to imagine the feeling of being raped, but in reality, it was even more psychologically devastating to the public at large. Just look at the years of devastating mind-fuckery these dark glorified cop-shows have inflicted upon the mental state of the public. Streams of horror in the guise of heroic noble protectors who only want to rid the streets of filth. And they are still inflicting the most horrible possible scenarios on all who are still watching their toxic programming, fostering fear and mistrust of everything outside their door. Am I just lying? The programs are still everywhere on tv.

Do we really want to go there? Innocent little girls having to imagine rape?

What about the real stuff? Former little girl blasting to the world in her private time on a ferris wheel with the volume off? Wouldn't you money makers shake in your shoes, had that girl really been on full blast?

Ane we girl lovers are the dangerous, life-altering predators??


How much money have you made from these ladies?

I understand some people are just naturally predatory and drawn to wherever the kids are, but come on, man. At some point the hangers-on trying to get some always fall away, and what you're all left with is corporations willing to sacrifice young lives and toss them all to the curb after squeezing out as much profit from them as possible. No?

I saw it. Why do you prefer making stars of girls who are products of marital separation and divorce? Why do you pivot toward eager beavers with single parents who seem the most clueless?

Don't even get me started on the part where you try to turn every last celeb-girl sexually ambivalent and bi.

You're a big club, and we ain't in it.

Fuck all your cop shows that demonize us without exception, while you've mentally screwed up countless kids trying to ake them "imagine" getting rsped, just to make their acting seem more realistic, for the sake of making an extra dollar.

What a bunch of heroes!

I made a few celeb girls laugh for a moment on the internet for my rubs. You fucked with their heads to make them imagine things that are psychologically damaging to them long term.

Bill's makin' it real. Will anyone in that world speak up?

Gossip Folks

(I was hot for the Asian girl on the schoolbus, whoever she was. Eeyore loves Missy E.)


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