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Try escaping to a calming nature show.

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, April 21 2024 at 03:07:35AM
In reply to Used to enjoy it too posted by Butterfly Kisses on Sunday, April 14 2024 at 00:09:43AM

They do not exist without the insertion of climate change anymore, and strangely, there is a weird, forced uplifting of females of species, and the casting off of the males. It's utterly bizzare sometimes to witness. I mean really, has it come to this point? Male furry creature must bow to superior female furry creature? I mean Jesus Christ, is there anything at all still left that's beyond the narrative where people can take a fucking breather from the politics? Could it be possible there are still women and girls left in the world who still prefer sticking to the yin-yang, two-parts-of-a-whole concept regarding male and female? Especially to raise a well-functioning child?

It boggles any sane mind, even the one that naturally tends to admire females. Gloria seems to have gone awfully quiet in her latter days. She seems a bit befuddled by all those resulting tangled webs and deception and such which she never expected to see.

And yeah, the racial divisions are never actually to be healed. Those divisions are required as a lever. Harmony between races means loss of influence. Luckily, there are plenty of people who remain mentally shackled to the political plantation.


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