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GC Loves The Wapanese!

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, April 12 2024 at 03:50:39AM

Truly, tho. We always did.


(But why the hell are you importing foreigners to ruin your wonderful culture when a staunch nationalism is your only remote hope in the face of China likely laying waste to your island nation as their long-fomented payback for what you did to them in the past?)

Also, not making babies slowly kills every country, wherever that reality takes hold, and for whatever lying self-centered reasoning is provided:(

Sad that I may never experience this country prior to its ruin. I once had a romantic online thing with a wonderful younger girl from the beautiful city of Kyoto. I intended to visit. She'd snail-mail me postcards regularly, usually of beautiful artistic paintings from around the world, and usually sea/ocean themed. I replied in kind, though far less often than my clueless self should have. She might have been a fool to ever invest in me, but I was a definite fool to ever lose touch with her.

"Will the REAL Fred Flintstone please step forward?"


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