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Home Schooling? Yes! There We Go.

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, April 03 2024 at 03:58:39AM


What a better positive topic than negatively stewing on a tired fantasy of what forms of torture we'd inflict upon some fictional outlander assaulting one's own offspring. This has never been going out on a limb, no matter how it validate The Feels.

(Well, at least until home-schooling gets outlawed like in Sweden?)

Good job. Many of "our ilk" actually have a well-documented high opinion of home-schooled kids. We've encountered them. They don't give off the cookie-cutter drone vibe. And that's a cool thing for everybody.

They tend to know more, tend to be far more kind, mature, and engaged with the world for their age, know how to think for themselves, defend themselves, and probably most important? They do not tend to freeze like deer in headlights when they encounter situations they aren't sure about. IE, most of them have been taught to think for themselves. They don't present as "easy victims" and for some of us(the non-predatory kind), this is exactly something that we, too desire for kids, contrary to narrative.

Is mainstream society listening here? This attraction has "levels" of detestability. It is easy to broad-brush it for easy points, but kids suffer more as a result of ignoring suggestions from those you will never allow to offer insights into the more seedy behaviors that they/we, too happen to hate, but also, unlike you, have witnessed and can offer solutions.

Thinking is hard. Allowing people you hate to offer insight on things you both hate is harder.

But sometimes considering suggestions from those you nevertheless consider vile makes things suck just a little less for those which you BOTH "claim" to adore. And isn't that the most true virtuous goal for anyone involved?


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