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Why Do The Olympics Keep Sucking Worse Every Time?

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, March 28 2024 at 03:45:05AM

I'm no expert for sure, but one thing I do know about their original purpose, was to bring various countries together in the name of A-political sportsmanship.

This was a way to leave political differences behind so that ALL countries could find an outlet to honestly interact with one another on a level which did not contain a political component. I'm not sure if the Roman era was so intent on this idea or not. I have no idea.

However, this was a genius 19th century idea to bring those games back, in terms of creating a space for all the globe to have a brief moment every few years to simply showcase the best of humanity which (supposedly) had nothing at all to do with politics, and everything to with the greatest heights that the human spirit (and body) could achieve.

Yeah yeah, I know... drug enhancements have since become a tool for cheating, all for the sake of political bling, and as depressing as that may be, even that reality seems to be controlled for political gain. Those people juice. We juice too, but somehow we can't detect our own juicers.

Right, Lance?

It's all just been ruined, to be honest. The politics has taken over, so why would I even waste my time anymore?

Me? Oh, I stopped wasting my time on the Olympics back when they banned the best world record gymnasts, based on their younger ages. They could leave today's big-boobed, thunder-thighed olympians in the dust on scores in a hearbeat, but no mainstream media will ever tell you that.

Yeah, I've been sore about that incredibly unfair reality since the 1990's. It was one experience which opened my eyes to the utter fraud of feminism. Let these better girls compete, no matter their age!

Why is it, that the only olympic sport left to see women in bikinis, is the lezzie undertoned sport of volleyball? Blahh.

Also, fuck France and their self-devastation choices as a country these days. Of ALL the possible places to get oneself killed by Muslim terrorists within the next year, one could not pick a better choice than to bring the entire fam to some giant olympic gathering being broadcast around the world from fucking FRANCE!!

Are you kidding me? Nobody with even a remote level of survival instinct would subject themselves to that risk just to watch a politically controlled circle-jerk of western countries flexing in the mirror. Blahh.

Good luck with that:p

(Please send notoriously high quality food to my hotel room anyway.)


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