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**There is no 2024 US federal election**

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, March 26 2024 at 04:36:56AM

Outside of the possible running of "Big Mike", the table has otherwise already been set.

The powers who exist in the shadows have not one, but several intervening "emergency situation" scenarios, which will prevent the historic "naive" and "antiquated" notion (their words) of representative democracy, should it seem on track to validate itself via the people and their inescapably overwhelming vote.

The "constant-state-of-crisis" horse, shamelessly ridden bareback since the turn of this century, has now recently been force-fed a myriad of likely "emergency" destinations in the near-term, both in the US specifically, and the West generally. People are confused why these situations are suddenly allowed to unfold. Smart people don't have that confusion.

We're all, in the West, gonna "get what's coming to us" prior to November, according to this malignantly cancerous western elite, according to plan, while the moronic deadweights of the population? They shall merely quiver and conform, as always, and according to calculations.

You many others, however: keep your own eyes peeled, your own ears opened, and your own mind strictly independent. Please try to prepare. Preparing tends to get a bad rap. Do it anyway, just for you and your own.

Because it's coming. For everyone.

Love deeply & protect valiantly, your beloved young ones from all things malevolent, brainwashing and evil. Is that extra part of this love not the true and legit form that sets us apart from the wankers and the psychos?

2025 is about to be a different world. How many times I have to tole you?

No '24 election arrives, if the rigging numbers don't stay within believable margins.

And if it cannott be believably rigged, it will not be allowed not proceed.

This must only and will only happen via an "emergency" crisis situation, helped along by both media and perceived authority figures.

And so, my dear fellow girl lovers, be prepared.

Don't get caught with your pants down!


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