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2024 Girl Scout Cookie Purchase Evaluation

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, March 16 2024 at 04:27:52AM

So this has become an annual thing for me to post about. I've always genuinely loved the cookies, but it seems to be one of the increasingly rare remaining interactions where young girls still interact with random public strangers as a right of passage.

Lo, the time two pretty girls came directly to my door over a decade ago, sweetly charming me to buy several boxes of cookies ahead of time, with nary a buzz-killing mom in sight. We had a several minute interaction where they practiced their selling skills on a faux-indecisive me, which was not disappointing to any of us. Weeks later they left me an adorable note on my door that I was not home for their delivery, complete with a home phone number to call, and an absolutely adorable frowny-face. I never called them for my cookies, but the note was worth every cent I had paid anyway. I suppose I could have plotted another in-person interaction, but I didn't. I forwent my beloved trefoils in exchange for the pleasant memory.

So this year I knew the cookie-selling season was afoot, but I was not encountering any young entrepenuers anywhere to this point. I was starting to get a little nervous. Where are the girl scouts? I might not have a post to make this year:-/

So this week the loli goddesses finally smiled on me, or sort of. I was walking into a store and there were two pretty girls with a card table and a mom at the entrance. The younger blonde in her braided pigtails, blue eyes, and rosey cheeks was leaning up against a wall, half-heartedly delivering her pitch as I walked inside, but she did make eye contact at least. She was probably 9, while the other taller girl at the table was about 10 or 11, tall and slender, with a brown ponytail, brown eyes, pale and freckles. They were both very cute to me, and both were very feminine and girly-girl.

So I come outside with my 10-spot, and while the cookie selection was dismal (3 options and not a trefoil to be seen), I decide to go for a purchase, since this might be my only chance this year, not to mention the girls were attractive besides.

Enter the buzz-kill. Short frumpy mom with those big cheap dark sunglasses is right there at the table. I point to a lame box of thin mints, because that's the best lame option there is. Mom is busy doing useless things and actually instructs her to hand me a box of thin mints. I hand daughter 10 bucks for a box of 6-dollar cookies. She opens the lock box to get me change. Short frumpy sunglasses mom inserts herself again, doing the math for her 11-year-old, telling her that she needs to give me 4 bucks change. Poor pretty girl rolls her eyes, saying nothing, but she, too, locks eyes with me and says thank you, as do I.

Gee, mom, ya think your daughter can do a ten-minus-six math equation on her own without you helicoptering in on her behalf? Ugh.

Not a great or eventful experience this year, but at least they were both cute and engaged.

If anyone else buys girl scout cookies, please feel free to share your own experience.


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