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I Don't Like Somebody Almost-Famous.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, February 29 2024 at 05:10:45AM

Anyone who dwells upon torture for his perceived enemies, especially when those enemies are not wanton demons who lack any considered attempt at mercy or respect for those they find themselves attracted to...

Will always and eventually become a liability to any greater cause.

Trust. Those who assault the weaker ones with no consideration, or sometimes even with pride? We will out-do your own disgust in terms of hatred and calls for justice. This call comes from people you still cannot bear to distinguish from these animals.

Yes, we do desire things you hate, but we still have a code, which often agrees fully with the highlighted putrid examples of naked predation. Open your eyes to this underlying reality. We hate that, too.

I don't like you, nationally syndicated radio kid. You're way too confident for your thus-far experience rolodex, and way too succeptible to your own perceived morally righteous daydreams. I advise not expressing them, because they still "out" you, and your youthful naivety, even in the face of your factual hunger and belief that you have all things in perfect order.

(Please note, I'm not even a boy-lover.)


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