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Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, February 24 2024 at 3:33:30PM

"It's a magic number."

Our original chat registrants (only up to the letter P) have been cleared of their last posting date. There is no explanation why. I see not everyone arrived here at that early date either. However, I'm fairly certain 04-29-04 was the date chat first appeared online, which would also mean GC Chat's *20th anniversary* is coming up soon. So these fascinating historical shennanigans nevertheless still present occasional facts worthy of celebration, especially in the face of extreme past organized hatred and determination to shut down child-love boards which were dedicated only to free speech while staying within the law. These desired shut-downs were quite frequently assisted by national and global mainstream media, back when they still held easily-claimed titles of neutral truth-telling motivations. It should be a wonder that we still survive today at all. We, with all our bruises of the past, have a question. Who will carry on with our torches?

The 29th of April is a Monday. I submit for consideration this year a Saturday, the 27th celebration, which includes the 29th chat anniversary and Alice Day, the 25th.

The in-person celebration this year includes open-bar and a deluxe-sized kiddie-pool, but the clown has been canceled due to a crypto-scam lawsuit. Please pray for Grabby's acquittal.

Free parking as always, and a decent group rate on a clean 2.5 star hotel.

Chat is open at the time of this posting.


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