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World's Smallest Woman (U know the question).

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, February 22 2024 at 04:10:13AM

One of this coming weekend's open-chat topics.

So I haven't researched her yet, but I think she's from India, and she's tiny. Like, TINY.

She's 2 feet tall. I saw what she looked like. Not bad, but she's the size of a toddler.

Unlike a past topic here, I think this little lady has actually achieved puberty and all the things that happens to entail. However, she is MUCH smaller than that other person. You could put a baby bonnet on her and wheel her into a venue in a baby carriage where kids under 5 get in free, and nobody would bat an eyelash. So there's a financial plus in such a relationship, I suppose.


The eternal question we all bounce around to one another in these cases...

Would you?

*Judgemental Stare* WOULD YOOU??

I mean, she IS technically legal, so that part doesn't matter.

I happen to feel attraction to some legal-aged young women who are quite petite, but wow, this size is ridiculous to me. Then again, my AoA, age of attraction, doesn't go as low as others who are attracted to "normal girls" who are actually this size due to their young age.

Does her size, which is similar to to the ages you prefer, still create a burn in your yearn? Kama Sutra position possibilities should not enter your mind for this highly serious question.

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