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Monty Python's Eric Idle Hints He's Been Cancelled

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, February 14 2024 at 03:53:36AM

The entire classic MP gang have been favorites here at GC over the years. Not for any attraction reasons, except for great comedy which has broken bounds and made people think while often being utterly ridiculous.

Be it Cleese and a parrot, being held out a window upside down, or his Screwtape narrations,

Palin reacting to a swallowed goldfish,

The great eye-glimmer Gilliam explaining to a young Jodelle about things derivative, or explaining how he got Mark Twained,

or the dead one, trapsing across hill and dale to declare he/she doesn't like spam (that's how I remember it in my mind anyway),

*ALL* those guys (and any I missed), however they may have gotten along or not, are HIGHLY DESERVING of a comfortable retirement, simply for the joy and laughter they have brought to western society.

They changed comedy forever.

Eric even loves to write quality stuff. Why is he on the outside these days??

Ahhh.... Say no more, Say no more!

Love U all.
Grateful to you all for your immense talent.

When the Olympics excludes top athletes for strictly political reasons:


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