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It might be

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Monday, February 12 2024 at 00:58:27AM
In reply to You can't say the truth. posted by hierophant on Sunday, February 11 2024 at 10:49:31AM

Probably because no one is threatened by someone believing that Dinosaurs are alive in middle Earth. This doesn't change policy or effect someone's family. For the kids and sex, or Israel most people believe it effects them, or someone they know, or at least has the potential to so both sides can get very emotional. Whether it's true or not it is very personal to a lot of people whereas dinosaurs in middle Earth is not.

Either way personally online the discourse I've seen in various spaces around the internet has been about 5 to 1 pro Palestinian it's not like the 10,000 to 1 anti child sex where you're not likely to see the other side period. Both sides are making their voices heard on the topic.

There was a period as well where flat Earther stuff was being deleted instantly which was weird to me. Facebook, Google, etc. really did not like the flat earth material even harder than the racist, or whatever other controversial topic. So I honestly wouldn't be surprised if you got suppressed hard for saying something like Dinosaurs are alive in middle Earth. You never know what the media who are totally not together in what they decide to censor will decide to just happen to all censor the same topic at the same time.

ps. Not a flat Earther. I just found it funny how hard they censor that topic.

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