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A third place....

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, January 31 2024 at 3:38:44PM
In reply to my anger?? posted by lemondolphin on Sunday, January 21 2024 at 09:08:02AM

...for children specifically,

Is a place which is not home and not school. A third place to gather, among peers, usually not with overbearing rules and expectations and political programmings, but simply a place to let off steam and play.

For adults, it is obviously a similar place, away from home and work.

There are social considerations connected to third places, and so I am sure, there are also people who rub their hands together calculating how to ruin these yet-ruined places as well and insert indoctrination here as well.

I see the globalist-minded highfalutin' Atlantic has already caught wind of the idea of third places, so it might be worth knowing about if it came up on their own radar.

I apologize for taking some me-time and not opening chat recently. Baldur stepped in on Sunday, I see. I've begged for other demonstratedly trusted individuals to be given the power to open and close the chat, but it's fallen on deaf ears so far. You can go complain at BC where it might be seen, or not.

I will do my best to open the chat this Saturday.


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