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YES!! Slap-Chop Vince is BACK.

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, January 30 2024 at 04:20:46AM

(You're gonna love his nuts!)

Just when I was feeling down, someone brought a smile to my face.

So he's finally back from that nasty hiatus where he and that badass adult hooker traded unfortunate facial injuries during a payment dispute. A difficult PR-spin for anyone, to be sure:(

Still, it must be reminded to all that this is the Sham-Wow king, wearing the crown handed down by the only one who was ever in his way.. the great Billy Maze.


Possibly the best marketer-meme ever created, but I digress.

Unfortunately, Billy's heart exploded in his sleep, possibly due to doing coke or something.


I dunno what actually happened to Billy, but I DO know Vince Offer is back. He's selling something called the Sham-Pow, and now that he has a far more effeminate demeanor in this commercial, I have decided he is safe to purchase SEVERAL Sham-Pows.

I suspect (or hope) Vince has long been dishing something of artistic value, but which is still awaiting notice. Nobody should "actually" be this creepy IRL.

If true, all the better. If not, I still can't help but marvel.

I was sold by the "car hooker":


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