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agreed ...

Posted by Baldur on Sunday, January 28 2024 at 01:06:02AM
In reply to The only bullies at issue here... posted by Eeyore on Sunday, January 21 2024 at 06:46:43AM

Individually, I even like some of the women you describe. They can be decent people.

But their inclination is to give both heterosexual men and feminine women very bad counsel, as it is the natural tendency of everyone - until they are disabused of the notion - to presume that what they like and what has proved good for them is what others will also like and need. When they give their advice based on what has been good for them to feminine women it naturally does not produce good results. When they tell men what women want out of a relationship they will be wildly off the mark.

And their attempts at humor usually fall flat. Perhaps it is because humor is closely tied to social expectations - especially a subversion of what the listener expects to hear that is true in an unexpected way - and these women have forever been separated from an understanding of social expectations. They cannot subvert what they do not understand, and their insights - though they may be useful for them personally - will fail to register with people who have a completely different understanding and expectation of the world.

Imagine a dung beetle preaching to honeybees about good nutrition. It's not necessarily that the dung beetle is wrong, it's just that they are speaking to the wrong audience. The question is how long will it take for both the dung beetle and the honeybees to recognize that this has happened.

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