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Like Crabs Climbing Out the Boiling Pot,

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, January 25 2024 at 03:25:29AM

"THESE are the days of Black Lives."

(sorry, html tags don't work on this board anymore.)

I watch Katt dissing good people who've not only made something of themselves, but carry "their self" with dignity and even take some time to do stuff for others besides. How do you diss that with a straight face? Oh, he's funny. I'll never deny that (can't get that 4-wheeler driving down the sidewalk image outta my head, but still damn funny).

Chappelle rightly stood up for Katt's targets. As a white guy who's opinion doesn't matter, I credit Larry Elder for opening my own eyes. That guy is super underrated, really informed me about the true problems in black culture during the BLM stuff, where anyone who breaks free from the white-owned, poverty-plantation seems to instantly get accused of being not-black-enough, trying-to-pass, or even an Uncle Tom.

I'm not authorized to offer this opinion, but if I cared about the future of my peeps, I'd probably stop pulling the other crabs back into the boiling water.

While you won't all become Denzel, if you wish to rise above, trust in the rope they will lower for you, instead of cursing it.


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