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Posted by lemondolphin on Sunday, January 21 2024 at 0:06:34PM
In reply to How I saw most of that genre back then.. posted by Eeyore on Saturday, January 20 2024 at 9:12:36PM

From their 1988 album called "The Innocents", the ship of fools...

Just watch this MV...

The references to pedophilia are so blatant, it's hard to believe.
Andy bell is homosexual, so that explains the presence of little boys as the cupids...
He is clearly a boy lover, but he has never been criticized or called out for it, and he doesn't talk about it - except through his music.

Two of my favorites are chorus and star, you can look those songs up. And, someone who shall remain nameless from the Santa Ana mall in the late 90s believed the song that resonated with him is "Always". That song is the sequel to "Sometimes". You might find it resonates with you too. But so-and-so is (or was) a virped, so he wouldn't be here.

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