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Replace the authority instead..

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, January 20 2024 at 8:19:42PM
In reply to The APA has issued an apology not to us. posted by hierophant on Thursday, January 18 2024 at 7:54:23PM

Men who are attracted to girls are even more despised as patriarchy than men attracted to women. Don't even look for their eventual enlightenment and acceptance of such people.

Once good and honest people realize these organizations exist to forward a political agenda rather than as some sort of guiding and benevolent good-for-humanity aim, the quicker their authority will start to wane.

Seriously, how much more ridiculous does it need to be for the public to cast their presumed authority aside, witnessing these groups with influence over society falling like dominoes, and the cringe of their bending the knee to anything at all but actual science?

I'm not saying the rest of the public then accepts us. I'm only saying these groups are destroying their own status of authority by bowing to politics.

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