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Posted by NFiH on Saturday, January 13 2024 at 5:23:03PM
In reply to NFiH, what is your opinion of this? posted by griffith on Friday, January 12 2024 at 2:47:20PM

Why should I have a meaningful opinion about this? Ask Milo Rossi, Youtube's resident young fast-talking archaeologist (@Miniminuteman). I only know that there is a more detailed article in New Scientist and that it has been known for quite some time that Amazonia in pre-Columbian times was more densely populated than had been thought for a long time -- the relics of civilizations without stone buildings disappear early in a rain forest environment. Which accords with the reports of early explorers (or rather, conquistadores -- on the whole, not very nice people, it is no accident Werner Herzog cast Klaus Kinski (not a nice person, either) for Aguirre).

Btw, did you know that combining medicine and astrophysics leads to revolutionary methods of treating fever, as Randall Munroe reports (

Україна це Європа:


I have seen the birth of bad
I have seen the declining tracks
I have seen the madness in my area

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