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Young brainstormin' public political prodigy:

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, January 13 2024 at 05:42:58AM

Lately, you've been showin' your here-and-there lacking experience-rolladex. And I don't say it in any offhanded way to merely diss anybody. You've had great ideas. No, not a joke.

(Some gangster Ohio punk that I remember used to refer to outspoken young people as "still havin' Similac behind their ears.")

No, that's not you. You've only reminded me of his do-rag words.

I'm a simple nobody with no ulterior motive beyond what I actually see coming down the pike. I work for nobody, and I have no known nor compensated influence. Truly.

I think you have lots of talent even if you despise me and my ilk as a whole without any apostrophes whatsoever. That is fine after all, so be it.

However, I am sorry to break it to you, but there already is no '24 election; Nothing at all which gives your Trump a fair shake is in the cards, but I'll go a step beyond. There is no 2024 presidential election at all, period. Not with Mr. T.

I might need to backtrack slightly on my earlier negative "Rama-swampy" post over his buisness ties to China, because he finally voiced something I knew was reality some time ago. Power is never going to be handed over willingly to the one who is not controlled. That entire prospect ended in 2016 when Hillary had to cancel her fireworks.

There is no '24 election with Trump on the ballot, dude. Please Amazon me a case of spicy ramen for my insight if I am correct. I won't tell.

No, truly not intending to embarrass you. I have a history of despising both right and left establishment politicians. Still, a myriad of ploys, excuses, and assisted major events to prevent this election have already been tabled and secured.

Do you not sense these things yet?

Highly sympathetic to your views on prostitution, intentional predation, and Tinder-type hookups with kids, but I hold no hope you will ever entertain the notion that state-sponsored "leverage" for the purpose of "blackmail" was not behind the intense pedo-scare MSM craze of the early 2000's. The same exact period that the Epstein crap was going on? Come on, man! Don't you have a nose?

I promise, you can still legit keep hating a messenger later without worry of any compromised standards, but MSM was doing the lucrative bidding for somebody or something back then. Please remember me when you discover it was actually true.

I know those words won't sink in, but these might:

Focus on an open border about to destroy all you know, champ. There will be nothing left to defend otherwise. Your death penalty dreams can be discussed later.

No, not directed at u, guv'nah, but that other kid.

No love, no hate. Mutual priorities, prodigy.

(Yeah, the reciprocal gentleman isn't supposed to exist. Yikes if he does.)


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