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Instant registration chat is (still?) open.

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, December 24 2023 at 7:36:32PM

whoopsies;) No wonder the open command didn't work. That's okay.

Instant registration chat is open.

Instant registration means any newbs/lurkers can access the chat, unlike this board.

I recommend staying there a while if you will be online anyway. If everyone who sees an empty chat leaves, then it just remains empty. I will be around later, and hope to open the chat again tomorrow.*

*Technical issues? Any problem accessing legal child love sites banned by your ISP are easily addressed either by installing Tor, or using another legit VPN service. I personally encourage VPN use for this topic anyway, no matter how legal the places you visit may be. A noted interest in pedo stuff isn't washed away by claiming you only visit the legal pedo places.

I hope there have been some naughty teen girls this year which might inspire BDSM Santa to make an appearance. I suspect he's getting tired of making Greta's bottom ruby red every year. I will try to think of someone else who made news this year and I hope others might mention as well.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. May Santa leave a pretty loli in your stocking and in your age of attraction range, provided you've been good this year.


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