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step away from the eggnog...

Posted by lemondolphin on Saturday, December 23 2023 at 6:22:09PM
In reply to So it melts their faces off. posted by hierophant on Saturday, December 23 2023 at 05:01:46AM

You sound like you are on some angry rant and do not sound rational. You do not see where I am coming have an iconoclastic form in your mind and you are projecting it onto me. That´s okay, I am not going to try to prove you wrong because I don´t need to.

It is weird how you talk about sexual intimacy in such a disembodied way. Sex is not a thing that exists on it´s own. It is an interaction between two people, and all which they bring to the table. There is no such thing as exploring sex. If anything exploratory, it is exploring another individual person, that other person being one´s life partner.
When someone explores you, what will they find? What is at your core? What are you? (I am not asking to find out - those are questions someone can ask himself in his own mind.)

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