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Might put a crypto bounty out on this funny clip.

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, December 15 2023 at 05:19:43AM

Provided I don't find it on my own.

Kimmel start of show clip, 12/13.

A sweet lil girl about 7, maybe 8 tops. Showing everyone how to use a rich crimson red bath towel to fold over her head after a shower.

Mommy congratulates her from behind the camera, telling her it's daddy's towel.

Girl freezes, then gets a rather grossed-out look on her face.

"Does daddy wipe his balls on this towel?"

I was like, "AHHH-hahahaha!!!!!!" At first.

But then, I was also like...

"That's your public school education at work in 2023! Young girls are now taught not just sex ed, but that hetero is icky, and that balls are disgusting to girls."

I still laughed. Not all that old deviant "Man Show" thought-provoking humor is lost forever. Or at least, not yet.

"Look, pumpkin. You don't have to love daddy's balls, but daddy's balls MADE you. Half of you came out of these sweaty wrinkly things. So whatever that school's trying to drill into your damned head, *respect* them! Without daddy's balls, you wouldn't even be ALIVE right now! ***I'M NOT YELLING!!!*** Sweetie, I'm just telling you the real facts of life."


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