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Why I still can't get onboard with Republicans.

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, December 09 2023 at 03:30:27AM

Maybe (but definitely) I don't know any insider info on politics, but Larry Elder, man! This guy was my go-to dude all throughout BLM. He dug to the heart of the matter in ways nobody could dare say nor refute! I doubt I'm a particularly wanted fan by his team, but I'm still gonna speak my peace.

He was my eye in the center of that crazy astro-turf storm.

NOBODY on that side considers him for their VP? Not even in the face of BigMike?

Such a seriously honest, heartfelt and wise dude. The uncle-tom replies were surely immense. He was above that. At some point I lost his broadcast, but I admired his thoughtful wisdom which pulled no punches, and never calculated fleeting popularity above lasting truth.

I'm left wondering.. "was there other stuff about him which the public didn't know?" Otherwise, I just don't get it.

Give that dude some power on a big level to correct things that he clearly knows have long-gone astray. My cynicism is great toward many or sometimes most people who spout about politics. But I never felt cynicism for that guy. Has anyone else familiar with him felt that? He spoke what he truly felt, and it was dead on, hostile reactions be damned.

Do you not agree with what-all he's pointed out? I mean, damn. Why has he been summarily kicked to the curb without even a word?

As a self-proclaimed Lincoln Log Libertarian, this has continued to confuse and sadden me to no end, even without the slightest hope that he would ever help our particular cause in any way whatsoever. Doesn't matter, because he spoke from the heart. I suspect there's just some bullshit somewhere in need of calling-out. For a dire and uncertain span of time, he was the shit, to me, anyway. So please, anyone, do not let Larry go gently into that good night.

(For what it's worth.)


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