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Abortion as mere convenience totally sucks.

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, November 28 2023 at 04:29:38AM

Over my 20+ years posting here, there is firm evidence that I had never felt highly drawn into the abortion debate. While others entered it with fire, it never ignited anything in me personally.

I did tell it at least once here, that its illegal status in the place where I was born, is probably the only reason I exist. Identifying as a girl lover, this could then actually make our haters think twice, tbh, even if they are generally pro-life. It did allow me to slip through after all.

Well, here I am. Now deviously twirling my mustache, calculating how to get your daughters to do terrible things.

In reality, I am not doing that, despite attractions and deep reverences. I'm sure some other people just go for the gusto. They always have. I don't really speak for them. They usually wind up at the crossbars hotel anyway.

I am one able to step back, think, and even realize for completely selfish reasons... if you accept a convenient rejection of procreation, you are rejecting offspring vital for the continuation of future generations.

In the meantime, to simplify it even more, you are also rejecting the proliferation of children. So wait..

Why would any girl or boy lover defend a future for fewer kids??

It feels ever so slightly suspicious, and sorta cries out from a Seeger banjo. "Which Side Are You On?"

I'm not being coy. I'm laying things out that are still in awkward need of explanation in these parts.

There exist forces afoot currently, with endless financial backing intent on global depopulation, and unfortunately, kids and the creation of kids are obviously the main and forefront target for them. To put it crudely, they want to destroy our very bread and butter, so why would we not be against them?

How you personally support or disapprove of the creation of new kids, then, OBVIOUSLY, relates to which side of the banjo you happen to be sitting on. Doesn't it?

School me otherwise, please, should there be a better nuance. I just don't see it. They are coming for humanity, and we just happen to see it all coming for your kids. Our kids. Humanity's kids.

It is pure evil, presented as good. I have not conferred with my fellow child lovers to state this, but I know the good ones already sense its approach before I ever say it publicly, even though we don't discuss it.

Meh. The times they really are a finally changin'.


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