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Windows security concern, with a few side roads.

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, November 22 2023 at 3:48:26PM

So I try to keep my online life legal, but being a truly (and yet (silently and therefore, violently) unrecognized) oppressed minority by my oppressed oppressors, simply for those I feel affection toward, I still highly value my privacy and security. I would likely still be this way even if I were of a more socially accepted, hetero-normative bent. I feel rather hetero-normative in the biological sense, but mainstream society (and those who agitate against them) make it clear that I am not even in the trunk of the car, much less in the back seat. They even culturally appropriated (stole) our colors for a stupid new version of a rainbow flag that signifies false virtue, now called pride progress or some shit like that. Argh, is all I say to that. Give us back our pink and blue.

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh.

So I run several different programs regularly to wipe any tracks of my online activity, and I've never stored anything about this love on my computers over the years. I wouldn't say I thought I was slick, but I did believe I was being as careful as I could.

Most of my posts here are spontaneous first drafts and have been for years, sometimes painfully obvious to many of you. However, occasionally I first use Notepad before copy-pasting. This is when I care a little more about the post. I can already hear some of you telling me that ahh, using Windows is the real mistake. I know, but many other people use it and will never switch, so here's my recent experience.

I simply went to Notepad's File and then clicked Find, and the first item that appeared was an "anonymous" email address I've used in the past.

"How-the-fuck??" I was horrified. Even more horrified than that time I learned about shellbags.

It makes me so angry just how many places Windows hides shit about your activity, things that somehow escape utility programs that claim to erase all logs and records. There seems to be no end to new discoveries of places where Windows hides evidence about you and youe activity. This would be where I link the Bill Gates pie in the face clip yet again, where he reacts like a helpless scared little girl. (We've always known you like 'em young, Bill).

What was I talking about? Oh.

My search for how to delete and/or disable Notepad keeping records of my shit wasn't immediately clear. Perhaps one of those older than me, or far wiser than me, can direct me how to do this, but since I am short on time, this will be my goal over the long American weekend called Thanksgiving, otherwise now pleaded to be a day to mourn genocide from the oppressed oppressors who seem to want to agitate and absorb every other stilted group into their faltering cause except us. What a joke.

Give us back our pink and blue. That would be "Progess" to me. Appropriating bastards:p

ABC, easy as 123.


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