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Scenario: Girl Lovers Who Guard State Secrets.

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, November 22 2023 at 03:01:23AM

It's either a terrifying or hilarious possible scenario to me.

Maybe because I can instantly imagine myself falling prey. Not sure I actually would, but maybe.

Yeah, like if I were in control of the nuclear codes or whatever other important top-secret thing (and whew, luckily I'm not)... this often desperately searching attraction means some state actor would need only send two pretty and tarted-out middle school girls to some lonely target desperate for love, throwing compliments at him, and he'd probably surrender the info instantly. For good measure, if it were me, I'd probably unknowingly throw my coat into the puddle for them as they'd exited with the documents:D

I would certainly be no threat to them, since in real life, I'm incapable of imagining that weakness being some hostile reality. Or at least I was incapable of imagining it, until my recent experience on Halloween with the two girls pleading with me to enter a somewhat restricted non-government place to innocently use the restroom.

Prolly not an unknown weakness to any state actors, but it had just never dawned on me before personally. They didn't melt me like butter, but they did get me to a cheezy fondu-like stage to make me cave, which was all they needed, enough to gain access.

Luckily I am not entrusted with anything which could cause detriment to a society nor the human race generally, but we girl lovers are not exactly prone to announce our secret weakness on the job.

In other words, if you are someone entrusted with security of any kind, NEVER share your various weaknesses. Not with your employer, but also not in any coworker conversation. People might be listening.

Loose Lips Share Tips.

(I arrive at these conclusions on my own, but I know most of it is just me re-discovering shit that much smarter people already knew and professed long before I ever stumbled upon the thought.)


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